Mercedes & Steve

Ten years and counting, we started our journey as a dream team. Fate brought us together in sunny San Diego. Steve came from Chicago with a Business Degree in Marketing and a New York Institute of Photography background. His love for film and photo quickly grew over the years. - if there is ever a trivia question regarding anything motion picture, you phone this friend! He is a FAA Part 107 Certified Commercial Drone Pilot with a passion for advertising. I came from Virginia Beach with a Psychology Degree and a love for always taking pictures. I was always known as the girl with the camera all through college. I have been mentoring under the best hubby and partner anyone could ask for. Turning our passions into a reality has always been one of our goals. So, what better time than now? We have two views on everything we do and add a dose of what makes us, well..US! We have often been told we bring joy and positivity around others so what better way to be on Cloud 9 than with Cloud Soucy, capturing you in every step in life! We love to have fun with our clients and make them feel like they’re part of our family.

So join our crew and let us capture you!

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